About C-10

Mission & Goals

Vision: C-10 envisions a clean, safe, sustainable energy future

C-10’s mission is threefold:

Monitor radiological emissions from the Seabrook Station nuclear reactor for use in assessing the impact on health and the environment.


  • Enhance the collection and analysis of airborne and marine radiological and weather-related data
  • Increase the number of monitoring sites in public places–including expansion into New Hampshire
  • Make the monitoring data more broadly available to the public and the scientific community

Research and advocate for upgraded safety and security at Seabrook Station.


  • Research and advocate for the safest possible interim storage of the Seabrook Station’s on-site nuclear waste
  • Develop and disseminate information on nuclear security and safety issues
  • Collaborate with citizens, elected officials, governmental organizations and medical and scientific communities for public safety

Serve as a community educational resource regarding clean, safe and sustainable energy sources.


  • Be a clearinghouse for information, initiatives and activities focused on energy alternatives
  • Contribute to and leverage the work of other local organizations in promoting energy alternatives and their practical use
  • Develop and deliver educational programs on energy alternatives in local schools and the wider community
  • Be an advocate for the development of local and regional energy policies which have energy alternatives as their focus