Nuclear Waste Storage

There is no “away” with nuclear waste storage

Rose Gardner explained how communities in New Mexico and West Texas would be impacted by the transport and storage of High Level Nuclear Waste.

May 4, 2017 – Visitors from Texas, Michigan and Vermont call on us to work together for safer solutions

Rose Gardner watches the trucks filled with nuclear waste from around the country roll through her rural community on the Texas-New Mexico border. She’s worried about the plans to create a “high level” nuclear waste (HLNW) facility in her town — so-called interim storage — because there is no permanent U.S. storage solution for the most toxic stuff on earth. Besides that, the communities of Andrews County, Texas and Eunice, New Mexico are already impacted by an array of environmental contaminants.

Rose is a grandmother, owns a flower shop, and is an active member of the local Sierra Club Chapter. She became active in environmentalism when a company called Louisiana Energy Services applied for a license to enrich uranium with gas centrifuges for nuclear fuel rod production five miles from Eunice, raising concerns that the uranium waste could contaminate her water, air and land. Keep reading 





Seabrook’s Dry Cask Storage

Status Update

Nuclear Spent Fuel & Homeland Security, The Case for Hardened Storage:

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Spent Fuel Storage at US Nuclear Plants May 2012, Congressional Research Service

Courtesy of: James D. Werner, Section Research Manager

U.S. Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage

C-10 Petition for NRC Rulemaking

Petition for NRC Rulemaking to Upgrade Interim
Dry Cask Storage Code Requirements

The NRC has docketed our petition and it has been assigned Docket No. PRM-72-6.

See Federal Register, March 3, 2009