Our Team


Treat headshot

Natalie Hildt Treat became Executive Director of the C-10 Foundation in February 2017. Natalie previously served on C-10’s board of directors, and has a long history of work in environmental and energy issues, public policy and communications. Prior to joining C-10, Natalie worked for eight years at Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), where she was senior manager for public policy outreach. She has also worked at National Grid managing communication and energy efficiency programs, as community development director for Congressman John F. Tierney, and as a project coordinator for Energy & Resource Solutions, Inc.

Natalie holds a B.A. in Environment and Public Policy from Connecticut College and an M.A. in Communications Management from Emerson College. She lives in an energy-efficient, solar-powered home with her husband Tom and daughter Julia. You can reach Natalie at natalie@c-10.org or connect on LinkedIn.


Mike Mansir is System Administrator for the Citizen’s Radiological Monitoring Network operated by the C-10 Foundation. Mike’s technical background as a software engineer and network administrator makes him invaluable in running the network, which operates on proprietary software with a central station and field sites spread across the Emergency Planning Zone. Mike ensures minimal system downtime by continuously monitoring the uploading of real-time data and overseeing the installation and maintenance of field equipment.

You can reach Mike at mike@c-10.org.

Board of Directors


As a small non-profit, our working board is our lifeblood. We are grateful to the following individuals for serving with us:

Pat Skibbee, Board Chair

Diane Teed, Treasurer

Courtney MacLachlan, Clerk

Sandra Gavutis, Emeritus Executive Director

Debbie Grinnell, Emeritus Research Director

Jared Hubbard

Sarah Doenmez

Christopher Nord

Jack Van Loan


C-10 staff and board members recently traveled to Washington, D.C. a hearing before the NRC. Pictured, L-R: Diane Teed, Sandra Gavutis, Paul Gunter (of Beyond Nuclear) Debbie Grinnell, Sarah Doenmez, Pat Skibee and Chris Nord (Bottom) (Photo: Lisa Clark).