The C-10 Research and Education Foundation (C-10) was established in 1991 to address the health and safety issues related to the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant. C-10 is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that evolved from Citizens Within the Ten-Mile Radius — a 5,000 member organization that was founded in 1986 to challenge evacuation plans for the Seabrook Station reactor.

Past projects include:

  1. Independent citizen’s monitoring of airborne radiation levels within the ten mile radius of the Seabrook Station reactor. This includes computerized monitoring sites that continuously record radiation levels minute by minute, around the clock. These monitoring sites are located in private homes, schools and businesses in Mass. and N.H. C-10’s monitoring is the only one that records and measures minute to minute readings of radiation levels. Partial funding is received from MEMA.
  2. Comprehensive program of disease-monitoring and surveillance for the 23 communities within the ten-mile radius of the Seabrook Station reactor. This program is currently being funded and conducted by the Massachusetts Bureau of Environmental Health Assessment with in-kind services from the C-10 staff. This program tracks increases in certain types of ionizing cancers that may occur over time during the operation of the Seabrook Station reactor.
  3. Sea life (mussel) study near the outfall of the Seabrook Station reactor. Partial funding for this study was provided by in-kind services and membership dues.
  4. Working directly with science educators in surrounding schools and universities to provide objective and factual information about health effects of ionizing radiation, nuclear waste issues and alternative energy. This program is conducted by C-10 staff and Board members.
  5. Hosting public forums. The most recent series of public forums arose due to growing concern about possible terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants.
    • Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Safety Alert – NRC Fails to Act on Critical Safety Violation. Guest speakers included Joe Hopenfeld, PhD. a former NRC Research Engineer, and Paul Gunter from the Nuclear Information & Resource Service (NIRS).
    • A Clean, Secure National Energy Policy. Guest speakers included Bill Moomaw, Senior Consultant for the National Energy Policy Initiative.
    • Evacuation Issues in an Age of Terrorism. Guest speakers included Paul Gunter, Nuclear Safety Watchdog Project from Nuclear Information Resource Services (NIRS).
    • Security at Seabrook Station. Guest speakers included Dr. Gordon Thompson, Executive Director of the Institute For Resource and Security Studies, and David Lochbaum, Nuclear Safety Engineer for the Union of Concerned Scientists. See forum excerpts.pdficon


      Three of C-10’s old sensors, re-furbished by International Medcom, are now at work doing real-time monitoring in Fukushima. They are providing immediate readings and data for specific sites, which is being recorded; these are the only stationary real-time monitors there. (Other monitoring is being done with mobile bGeigies.) Data from our sensors is recorded by Safecast and is visible online at safecast.org. We are glad to have made this contribution especially in light of the fact that relocation aid to displaced families from the Fukushima region is being terminated and families who are moving back need access to information about radioactivity levels.